Wednesday, October 24, 2018

How to buy Shares in Nse


which shares to buy now hold them sell later

  1. First find out which shares,industry,how much volume, which exchange it is listed.
  2. Before that first know your finance properly. If you have Rs.50000/- go for Mutual fund or buy 8 shares for Rs.10000/-maximum

    1. Hold them,see their prices daily, note them.Do  not sell.

    1. The market may go up or down,

    1. Do not buy 8 shares all at one time.

    1. invest only Rs.1250/-

    1. check all financial results before you buy. You are buying at your own risk and reward. see their capital and reserves. check their current assets more than at least 1.5. greater than current liabilities.

    1. see their div .given for how many years continuously.

    1. Check what growth prospects are there for this share/particular industry.

    1. play virtual stock exchange games first ,learn the tricks of the trade how to buy,hold and sell.

    1. invest every month a particular amount or particular number of shares.

    1. watch the share prices daily. keep a record.

    1. which are the mutual funds invest in these shares and what is their holding?

    1. Are there any foreign investment in these shares?

    1. Check the following shares:  use your own discretion and take your own decision.

    1. Now the market is down. Wait until it gets settles down.Do not yes Do not try your hand in day trading on intraday.

    1. find a good broker by googling out .  suggestion: decision your own. 


    1. learn all about them from their representative and from their website.

    1. And their brokerage  and terms and conditions.

    1. Meghmani organics, vivimed,Lt foods, akshopti,dwarikesh,cgpower, sreiinfr,

    1. marksanspharm,zeemedia alankit,mmtc,bhushan,idfc bank.

    1. thoroughly search each one of them, then invest. wait

    1. Buy hold sell is the best.

    1. Never ever invest all your life savings and protect your life and family members security and have an emergency fund..

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